Ensuring Risks Stay Controlled

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Maintaining Effective Workplace Risk Control: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Introduction

The Significance of Sustained Risk Control

Discover how to keep your workplace risk controls effective and ensure lasting safety.

2. Clarity of Responsibilities

Defining Roles and Responsibilities

Key steps to maintain risk control measures:

  • **Health and Safety Policy:** Summarize responsibilities within a well-communicated policy.
  • **Documentation for Larger Companies:** For enterprises with five or more employees, put policies in writing and share them with the workforce.
  • **Employee Cooperation:** Encourage employee cooperation in enhancing health and safety and promoting a vigilant workplace culture.

3. Regular Workplace Assessment

Scheduled Risk Checks

Periodic assessments are crucial for ongoing safety:

  • **Identifying Overlooked Risks:** Conduct routine inspections to uncover potential risks that may have been missed.
  • **Monitoring Safe Practices:** Ensure employees are adhering to safety protocols and identify those who may not be following guidelines.
  • **Equipment Maintenance:** Follow manufacturer recommendations when establishing maintenance schedules for various equipment and facilities.

4. Thorough Investigation

Learning from Incidents

Effective investigations go beyond assigning blame:

  • **In-Depth Analysis:** When incidents occur, investigate thoroughly to gain insights into your safety management.
  • **Work-Related Illnesses:** Be vigilant about employee health and explore any work-related illnesses that may have gone unnoticed.
  • **Supporting Returns to Work:** Identify ways to assist employees in returning to work after an absence.

5. Regular Review

Ongoing Improvement and Assessment

Periodically evaluate your risk controls to ensure sustained effectiveness:

  • **Yearly or Biennial Review:** Revisit your health and safety policy and risk assessments for necessary updates.
  • **Adapting to Changes:** Account for any changes in your workplace, regulations, or lessons learned from incidents.
  • **Keeping Risk Assessments Current:** Ensure your risk assessments remain up to date and relevant.

Risk assessment is an ongoing commitment - maintain your diligence to ensure continued effectiveness and accuracy in your workplace's safety measures.