Risk Assessment Level 2 (VTQ) Training Videos

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Introduction to Risk Assessment

Welcome to your Risk Assessment course, we begin with a short course introduction and overview before we look at what a risk assessment is and how and why they reduce accidents, including what can be considered reasonably practicable.

Risk Assessment

In this section, we look at what can be considered a hazard and how accidents are caused, as well as Lone Worker Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning.

How to Risk Assess

In this section, you will learn the 5 stages of Risk Assessment and how to carry out a Risk Assessment correctly, including recording your findings and formal reviews.

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

This section looks specifically at Manual Handling Risk Assessment, you will learn how to assess the risk and each individual move and the acronym TILE, Task, Individual, Load, and Environment.

COSHH Risk Assessment

Ways to Reduce Risks

In this section, you will learn how we can reduce risk, including the use of PPE, COSHH Control Measures, and Emergency Procedures in the event something goes wrong.

Summary to Risk Assessment

The course summary contains important information on how to complete your final test, print your certificate of completion, and access other course resources.

Course Summary

Course Summary


Course Details

Video Playtime

1 hour and 6 minutes




Keith Sleightholm



Risk Assessment Level 2 (VTQ) at a Glance

  • Learn about your obligations to carry out risk assessments in the workplace
  • Follows the HSE recommendations and guidelines to carry out and update risk assessments
  • Complete the course online or contact us if you prefer a classroom course at your workplace
  • Know what the difference is between a risk and a hazard and how to deal with them
  • Reduce accidents in your workplace
  • Mapped to regulated level 2 risk assessor courses

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Risk Assessment Level 2 (VTQ)

1 hour and 6 minutes
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